& Phonegap

Hi Guys,

I have setup a Node.js server on a local Mac machine with
Setup port forwarding and got everything working fine.
I setup a timer on the server to be posting to the client every .1 sec and display jGrowls on the devices.

I had it working as an .exe and in various browsers on various Mac / Pc’s Android & IOS.

24 hours later everything nice and solid and no crashes anywhere.

I then compiled to PhoneGap on Android but the connection failed.

Searching around I have found a solution here:

i.e. host the .js files on the same file as the server

Not really, but I included in case that was the problem. However, I just found the problem, the index.html page has to include the from the same server where it connects to. I previously had it like this .

I am presuming appStudio is referencing the included as a //file and this is causing the problems.

If I simply add the into the app should that cure the problem ?
Anyone had any experience of this issue ?
I will play around later this evening and see if I get it working in the meantime any help appreciated.


Steve Warby

HI guys,

I deleted the file and added the min code into the app.
Compiled into phonegap and it worked.

Now onto the ins & outs of socket io.

Ill keep you informed.


Steve Warby

Thanks for posting this!