Some basic question using the IDE

Hi guys,

loving appStudio but my head is hurting having to re-do some exciting apps. The concept is the same but a lot works differently than my existing IDE.
Here’s some questions for you guys.
I am using common controls & bootstrap

  1. What is the correct procedure to add a php file to the app and create a new.

  2. My understanding of this is that the php files are uploaded with the app and run from the app. No need for Will this work in a phone gap app?

  3. What is the correct way to use images. I have created a project folder and an image folder in there with images. Add an image into the folder then browse to the image ???

  4. I am trying to get the bootstrap listGroup to look more like the jQuery version. Image / aside / using e.g. Mountain View Aside text here. Is there extensive docs for this component anywhere?

  5. e.g. on the listGroup I have managed to use

    background-color: transparent;
    border : none;

but can’t change the active colours or work out where they are set in the IDE. a{
 color: red !important;

I know this is a lack of understanding of CSS but it would make life easier if there was a resource showing how to set these things for the specific component.

Onwards & upwards.


Steve Warby

  1. Just like adding a JavaScript (.js) file.
  2. The php files are uploaded with the app. They will only execute if the server has php enabled. That’s not the case with a PhoneGap app.
  3. Yes, you’re on the right track.
  4. AppStudio isn’t doing anything special here. You’re welcome to do what you want with CSS. Note that explaining stuff that isn’t developed by us as part of AppStudio (like CSS) is outside of free support.

Thanks for the info.