Some suggestions to make life easy.. or better

George after using new 8.x version, i have some suggestions to make our lives better, take a look if its possible

1 - A function to export all forms, not just one… Some times we dont know where is the problem, and we make a new project and import forms one by one (take a loooooong time to do one by one)
2 - Make code.js with a new name every time export to folder: We publish the folder in web, many times the cache causes problems, to solv it, whe publish in web, renaming code.js to something like code-2.js and edit index.html… a simple refresh in browser update version correctly
3 - Download the VoltBuider android and ios in a folder inside the project… We have many projectsm, and all of them are download in the same place… put the project name in app name is a good solution too
4 - make cordova, voltbuilder, (all makes…) put a confirmation before start… sometimes we select wrong option and take a long time to cancel this operation…


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Your #2 Suggestion: I’m not sure your idea is the best solution to your (and all of us) problem. This problem is commonly referred to as versioning. Typically this is done with separate folders and making your index.html a redirect to the correct folder. That way, the only item cached that matters to the device is the redirect to the correct index.html folder. So, if the TTL of your site is rather long, like 86400 seconds (AWS default TTL), then evenually the device will get the new version, all at once.

Remember, the TTL is applied to each downloaded file, and the server / device may not have/receive the same TTL remaining values, hence the problem with mismatched code.js vs index.html, and all your other code files, etc.

Thanks for the suggestions!

#3: putting the project name in the downloaded file is coming in 8.3. It should be released today.

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