Something from the labs: Framework Converter

We’ve been working on a way to get projects using old frameworks up to date. Bootstrap 3 has been updated to Bootstrap 4. jQuery Mobile hasn’t been updated in 5 years.

The Framework Converter is an open source project which hopes to help with this. It replaces all the controls it can in your project with the latest version from Bootstrap 4. The new controls have the same names, positions, text and other values as the original control.

You will still need to work on positioning and styling so the result looks good. Especially in the case of jQM, the web has evolved. Fonts are bigger, there is more white space and layouts tend to be less busy. The Framework Converter does the heavy lifting - you’ll still have work to do.

We’ve put the project in a Github repo called framework-converter. There is also a Wiki page here:

There’s some interesting technology under the hood. The project is done in AppStudio, using Node.js with npm, a huge library of addons; and Electron, a technology for packaging JavaScript into a desktop app.

Give it a try - you’re certain to have questions. Feel free to post them here. If you find issues, post them to the framework-converter issue tracker on GitHub.

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Pleasure, I accompany your work and I happen to say that JQM is outdated to 5 years, but searching I found the last version 2018. I will leave the official link

jQuery Mobile 1.5 Release Candidate 1 was in September 2018. It isn’t a full release yet.

jQuery Mobile 1.4.5, the latest actual release, was Oct 31, 2014.

Electron looks very interesting. Are there plans to build some of this technology into AppStudio?

Electron already works with AppStudio - if you follow the instructions here:

That’s not as user friendly as we like to be - so think of it as more of a workable proof of concept. We will be building it into AppStudio so it’s as easy to use as the rest of AppStudio.

A new build has been uploaded. jQM Tooltips (in most cases) are now translated.