Something like Form_onclick

Hi I have a popup grid showing some graphical options for the user. How would I detect a tap on the form where there is no controls to enable me to hide the menu options? Form_onclick() seems to take priority and stops any other controls from activating.


Why not close the popup from Form_onclick()?

If I have a form_onclick event in the code it is called regardless of what control is clicked in the form effectively rendering all the controls dead.

Can’t you look at the event object and see what control caused the event?

Putting your pop up in a modal would force only events from the modal popup. Modals can have a clear or translucent background (or opaque). I haven’t tried the blur effect, but that might look good too.

Only the form_onclick event is called regardless of whether you click on another control or not…if I have the form_onclick function in the code. If I remove the code all other controls work as expected.

I should confirm I don’t want the “popup” grid options to disappear if the user taps on the main grid in the screenshot.

The only way it works to me , is defining a global variable “from_click” and identify event in code logic.