Speak does not pause between commands


Having a problem understanding the use of Speak. Basically it does not pause execution while it talks. So, it is loading the following words before the next words have been spoken. I need to be able to determine when the current words have been spoken before loading the next words,

Windows 7
Chrome browser

Function Button2_onclick()
  Speak("Hello World.")
  Speak("This is a test.")
  Print "End"
End  Function

The code above produces the following result;

  1. It prints End (so execution has run through all spaek commands)
  2. It says Hello World.
  3. It says Good-bye.
  4. It says Good-bye.
    It never said This is a test.

How do I know when speak has finished speaking and is ready for the next speak command?

Regards, Dave.

The best solution would seem to be to use the SetTimeout function to call the snippets:


You can vary the timer as needed.

Here’s more on how speech works: