Splash Screen for Web App

I see how to get splash screens via the PhoneGap for ios/android. But I also want the same code base to be distributed as a web app. Do I have to create the splash screen (as a form) and then on Main in the project, change forms to the normal starting form, after the splash is shown as firstform. And how would you setup one code base to work under both environments? Or am I missing something?

Last I looked into this, there were a bunch of variations, depending on whether you’re on iOS or Android and whether it’s a home screen app. This is evolving further as PWAs become mainstream. Apple in particular is a moving target in this regard.

There’s three screens you need:

  1. the splash screen which is displayed while the app is being loaded by the os. This is typically an image file. As George noted, Apple is semi trying to do away with this in favor of “Launch Screens”

  2. the welcome screen which is the first step in the onboarding process. This is typically an html page and should also have an “already have an account” button in case the user is reinstalling or installing on a new/different device (which many of us do)

  3. a “welcome back” screen which is a flip of #2 and is displayed when you can detect that the app has already been initialized and the user has simply logged out.