Splash screen freeze in ios 11

I have made an application in 2016 and upload it to google play and app store with no problems.

After ios update to ios 11 the application freez in the splash screen. If you go to any other app in the mobile and go back to my app it will work fine and the splash screen will go away.
And that problem only happen to ios 11, but in iphones that have ios 10 they work fine.

I tried to rebuild the application to phonegap without changing any thing in the app using the latest rev of NSB and I sent the app to apple store but the problem still happens.

I need your help to solve this issue as soon as possible since in next few days there will be many poeple need to use the app.

Best regards.

PhoneGap makes regular changes to PhoneGap Build, responding to the changes Apple and Google make to their products. What you are seeing is not unusual.

It can be tricky to fix, however. There are many possible causes and it’s not easy to figure out the cause.

It’s unlikely the problem is with AppStudio itself.

after so many debugs, I found out that the problem is when I add HTML Audio tag.
I used the one in AppStudio built and I used one that I created in a container but I got the same problem.
I tried to make it auto play and it was the same freezing but the audio plays.

I hope you can help me as soon as possible.

best regards.

Have you tried hooking up a remote Safari connection to see if there are any error messages?

I am sorry, I don’t know how to do that.

Here’s an article:

I found out the exact problem. I am using an online radio for the audio tag SRC and that what couse all the issue. I did a trick to solve that. I keept the SRC empty and I added the online radio link using javascript when the user click play.

Thanks for posting the solution!

I know that Safari does not like apps which autoplay (neither do I, in general!). That’s probably what is driving this.

No, actually it is not autoplay, I made it autoplay only for testing. The problem only in the online radio link itself and not in other audio links. It is working fine in Safari but not after making it ipa file. I even upload it through FTP and open it in Safari mobile and that works just fine.