Splash Screen Timeout

When looking for information on Splash screens for NSBasic, the page said the information for them was no longer valid in version 8.

So, how can I make the splash screen visible for a little longer time?

Instead of a timer you’re better off killing the splash screen when you’re ready. Let’s say you set your timeout to 5 seconds to give yourself more time. On some older or cheaper devices that are slow you may still not be ready. OTOH, on a newer device running faster than expected your splash screen may show for 3 seconds longer than needed. Best approach is to kill the splash screen when you’re done with your init and you’re ready to go.

How do you kill the splash screen?

It depends on how you are deploying your app. If a web app, it’s totally in your control. Once it’s added to home screen, then there’s that splash screen. Or if a native app, then it’s different yet. So which are you doing?

My app is on an Android phone and on a Kindle.

You didn’t answer the question. Are you running as a web app or native app, made with VoltBuilder?

I’m running it on my phone so I suspect it’s a native app since it was built with VoltBuilder, and the app has an .apk extension.

If it’s an app and In javascript use:

// hide the splash screen

I made a wonderful splash screen for my app and don’t want to hide it.
I just want to keep it visible a little while longer.
How can I do that?

If you look at the docs for the plugin, down in the preferences section is the timeout value and the auto-hide setting.

Thanks for your help, PPetree, it led me to the proper setting.

For anyone interested to know where this timeout setting is:
Open Properties
Open VoltBuilder and Cordova
Open the config.xml file
Look for this line:
preference name=‘SplashScreenDelay’ value='2000’
Change the value to a slightly higher value:
preference name=‘SplashScreenDelay’ value='5000’
Rebuild your app.

Now when your app opens it will linger just a little longer so
your Splash Screen, homemade or not, will be viewed, and
admired, by your users.

Case closed.