Splash VoltBuider bug

When I was creating an application from scratch to discover the onesignal plugin problem, I copied my apple certificates for this example.

After solving the problem in the example, I went back to my application and continues to generate an application for ios with the opening of the appstudio that did not appear … as I used the same provision developer in the example, it was like this and it doesn’t come out anymore … watch the video … I already put and removed my splash several times, but it seems that it appears before everything …

Notice at the beginning of the video that the appstudio logo appears before my splash.

What do I do?

Uploading: Appsutdiosplash.zip…

do you have any tip?

I don’t, but perhaps others do. We’re here to help with problems with VoltBuilder itself. If you’re having problems with a plugin, it’s best to contact the author of the plugin.

i did update today and solve it