SQLite attach db

If I open two databases how can execute a query against two different tables, one from each db? I know SQLite supports the attach command how can I use that via AppStudio?

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I tried to do this with AppStudio back in 2013 but it didn’t work. You can check out the thread called “Multiple DBs Okay?” on the old Yahoo NSB forum if you’re interested. Message #16115 by Thomas Gruber may be if specific interest, though the entire thread has 20 entries in total. I haven’t tried to accomplish it again since then.

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Here’s an answer:


George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation

I ended up loading both dbs using sqlopendb and then read both db’s into arrays.
I then combined arrays and then loaded into my grid. When I update/delete I am deleting out of only one db and then I reload both dbs to create union and refresh the grid.


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