SQLite SELECT into Array

This is the text of your example. Can you please clarify how to write the dataHandler in javaScript and demonstrate how to access the elements of the array DBRecords in order to retrieve the row/column data?
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For j = 0 to databaseSize-1
    args=[cust, j, j*10]
    sqlList[j]=["INSERT INTO customerData (name, age, sales) VALUES (?,?,?);", args]
  sqlList[databaseSize]=["SELECT * from customerData ORDER BY name;", dataHandler]

  Sql(DB, sqlList)
Function dataHandler(transaction, results)
    // Called on completion of SQL command
    DBRecords = results
    message.innerHTML = "Records created: " & DBRecords.rows.length & " in " & (Sysinfo(10)-startTime) & " milliseconds."
  End Function

Have a look at the Northwind sample - it does this.

Thank you, that is exactly what I needed to know!