SQLite WASM Error

When attempting testing the app in the bowser (Chrome) the console states,

“Ignoring inability to install OPFS sqlite3_vfs: Cannot install OPFS: Missing SharedArrayBuffer and/or Atomics. The server must emit the COOP/COEP response headers to enable those.”

This is a warning and can be ignored.

Ok great,

Thank you.

Im trying to use
SQLImport(data, null, importCompleted, NSB.overwriteAlways);

but it is not working, I get an NSB.Msgbox pop up but it says “undefined( Code undefined) undefined

I get the same msg with:

SQLExport(db, "my.db", exportCompleted, exportFailed )

This time an error is shown in the console:- “TypeError: tx.executeSql is not a function”

On checking the “Sources” in the dev console of chrome there are the following files:

jswasm > sqlite3.js, sqlite3.masm

sqliteFunctions.js ← Is this correct ?

I’ve found the error seems to be coming from sqliteFunctions.js bottom:
" NSB.MsgBox(err.message + "( Code " + err.resultCode + “) " + lastSQL);”

But when the NSB.Msgbox is shown to me the err.message = “undefined”, err.resultCode = undefined and lastSQL = “undefined” - So I cant see what the actual error is.

  // Built in function (soon to be obsolete)
  if (!NSB.sqlite3) {
    // returns an appropriate sqlError function give lastSQL
    return function (tx, err) {
        "SQlite error:" + err.message + "( Code " + err.code + ") " + lastSQL
      return false;

  NSB.MsgBox(err.message + "( Code " + err.resultCode + ") " + lastSQL);

SQlite support on AppStudio 9 is currently evolving.

It started with the release of Chrome 119 in November, when Google disabled SQlite by default. At the time, we added notes to the Wiki on how to reenable it.

Note that SQLImport and SQLExport are not implemented yet in AppStudio 9.

In the meantime, I’d continue to use AppStudio 8.5 with Workaround 1 in the Wiki. AppStudio 8.5 can be download from our website.

I have reverted back to V. and with the Libraries: SQLite WASM “unchecked” it seems to be working.

Thank you.