SQLLite or IndexedDB

I have been away from NSBApp for a long time, but I am back trying something new and just read that I should not be using SQLLite (Web sql).
I found SQLlite very easy to use and for small amount of data, very fast.

Is there a sample (not jscript) on how to use IndexedDB? Or should I keep using SQLLite?


I think it would be helpful if you described what you need to do with a data store, and then we could recommend something.

Hi FrankR,
I have 2 tables Names (6 fields), Quotes (9 fields), very basic.
Quotes and Names are related by ID

Right now I use a Sql (Insert or Replace…) statement to update/add new records.

It is working ok with SqlLite. Should I keep using it?
Can I use Sql statement with IndexedDB?


Maybe you should post the reference you started the thread with - the article citing why you shouldn’t use sqlite.

You can’t necessarily assume a particular browser has sqlite support native, although many do. But, we need George to comment: it might be irrelevant for an AppStudio app if he ensures any built application has sqlite capability. [I Think that is true, but we better let George say it. :slight_smile: ]

This is an issue which currently evolving. Look for a blog post in the near future.

The official Cordova stance hasn’t changed in quite some time… You can read their take on the three storage option here: https://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/latest/cordova/storage/storage.html

@PPetree, thank for that link. Several key chunks of that article are now out of date.

I’m sure… They’re always behind but I quit following all the “latest” as I found that just as soon as it seems “settled,” a major player doesn’t buy in and it all falls apart… OR… It does become settled but takes 4 years to implement… OR… Like with local storage it gets implemented one way one most platforms but differently on another (i.e. iOS lacks permanence).

A great example is SQLite… while we’ve been hearing the word “deprecated” for several years, no one is removing it from their browsers and, in fact SQLite is still be developed (latest release just a few months ago).

I can’t wait to read your blog post about it… Be interesting to see where things end up.