SQLSample1 project not working

Using app studio

I opened SQLSample1 project

I ran Start in Desktop Browser (Windows 10, Google Chrome)

Clicked on Create

Uncaught ReferenceError: SqlOpenDatabase is not defined.
line 146 column 3

Any help with this one?

Browsers are deprecating SQLite. Here’s more information.

One way to work around this is to select SQLite (WASM) in Libraries. (Select Project Properties and Global Code in the Project Explorer).

Other than SQLite, what other databases does your product use?

Is there any way, other than a browser, to test an application?

Our product works with any JavaScript solution. Browsers also have LocalStorage and IndexedDB as solutions. We’ve had good luck with LocalStorage, but IndexedDB is complex and best used with a wrapper, like PouchDB.

You can test the app as a mobile app (Android/iOS) using cordova and a SQLite plugin. We have a tool that can help with that called VoltBuilder.