Start to Desktop Browser doesn't report errors

If you cut and paste an image control, etc., AS deletes the src file from the hard drive during the cut, so the pasted control now points to a non-existent file. If you save, you will get error messages about what files are missing. However, if you go straight to start to desktop browser (and save before deploy is turned on in preferences), the save fails, but it’s not reported in an error box like save does, and the browser is not invoked. Nothing happens that the user can discern in this scenario.

Is this issue a repeat?

This is basically the same issue, but it’s not reported during this scenario either. EG, there are 3 issues, all very similar.

I put in three topics, as this is not a problem everywhere - eg, save does report the issues.

We’re able to reproduce this - it will be fixed.

For now, we’re going to treat the 3 topics as one issue.