Status window not showing after build ready

Today I updated an app with PhoneGap Builder. Status line said “Bereit” (Ready). I waited some time for the PG Status window. Did not appear up until I used menu item “Get PhoneGap Build Status”. I think I remember this build status window once appeared automatically. Just in case this is not by new design…

The change is probably at PhoneGap’s side. Last night, they announced they are shutting down. Looks like we got VoltBuilder working just in time!

At least it still was possible today to rebuild the AppStudio app at PGB website. The PGB apk is built and working, while VoltBuilder apps not even reach built status because of the unknown plugins. I already detected at least two of my apps which VB cannot build because of the plugins. I am afraid that I will find more apps that I cannot update with VoltBuilder because of rejected plugins.

We’ve been steadily adding plugins as we check to make sure they are safe.

The list is now documented:

Thanks a lot. Impressive catalogue indeed.

BTW: Strange, that this blog comes from Medium (seems to be bought be Adobe) and did not appear or was mentioned as a new blog when I logged in to PGB (have a Creative Cloud subscription) in order to rebuild updated apps…

Perhaps they have misplaced the password to the PGB website. :slight_smile:

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