Stop web app autoupdate

I find it convenient to us Pure or Unite to convert apps into standalone MAC apps for use in my own computer ----- both work beautifully. Obviously, when these run without WIFI a message appears saying “Update unsuccessful…”. Is there a way to stop these desktop versions from trying to update?
Best wishes

What version of AppStudio are you using?

I’m also looking for a solution for, doing it manually “location.reload(true)” instead of automated.

@GAWR, In AppStudio 6.3, try changing ‘manifestFile’ in Project Properties to ‘none’.

@amagg, this sounds like a different issue. The caching mechanism for offline apps in AppStudio 6.3 is obsolete - you will want to move to AppStudio 7.

First, excuse my error… the apps I used for making MAC desktop versions of my AppStudio apps were Unite and Fluid. I am using AppStudio 7420, so I am up-to-date. But the problem is no longer happening… no alert saying update failed if there is no WIFI. I think the problem might have been that I made desktop versions of an app I created long ago that might not have been updated. However is it possible to stop the desktop app from even trying to update?

The option to turn off PWA is coming.