Stripe Apple Pay and G Pay

Hi Guys…

Now Stripes accepts Apple and Google Pay, is it in AppStudio roadmap put in in Stripe component?

Can you explain some more what you need?

AppStudio already has a Stripe control.

Yes, stripe is there, but there is now way (i didnt find) to use apple pay and google pay in app studio stripe module…

as you can see in this stripe sample, apple pay iss avaiable in stripe, but not in appstudio (as G Pay)

I can’t read the Spanish page, but is this the same in English?

It says this:

You can start accepting Apple Pay payments on the Web using Checkout or Elements. No additional configuration is required to use Apple Pay in Checkout.

AppStudio’s Stripe element uses Checkout, so it may work already. Have you tried it?

I’ve never actually been able to get Stripe to work, even for a regular credit card. I have difficulty in the example with php, it is confusing…
In my opinion, clicking on the images of the cards is also not very intuitive.
A video showing a real development , using apple and google pay (blurring the keys) would be fantastic George.
I believe that many do not use it because the example is not very clear.

The hardest part is constructing the back end - whether it’s in PHP, node or IIS or something else. Stripe’s documentation is the best in the business, but back end programming is not part of AppStudio. Part of what makes it so difficult is there isn’t a consistent back end platform that people use - they are all different.

i know back end programming is not part of AppStudio, but a video using some back end language (c#, php, node, etc) showing the operation will be great for everybody, think about it… an simple code running video

How much appstudio user do not use stripe because this?