Suggestions for components to use

I’m considering developing an app that would take a signal via the USB port on an Android phone (or the functional equivalent on an iPhone) and using that signal to play an audio recording.

The signal would originate with a switch that would close a circuit, that circuit closure would need to be converted by some intermediate device into a USB signal. The app would need to be watching the USB port for the signal. It would then play a recorded file. The recording would be created using the recording app intrinsic to the phone or using functionality built into this app.

I see that there is an Audio control but it appears to only do playback, not recording. Is a recording control available?

The description of the Audio control says that the file played has to be in the project folder. This would seem to imply that the file has to be part of the installation. I’m looking for a way to play recordings that the user would create post install. Any idea how this could be done?

Thanks for any suggestions,

There are several plugins. Cordova has their cordova-plugin-media plugin and there’s plugin-audio-recorder. I’ve used both, it really just depends on what your needs are. The cordova plugin does more stuff.

As for the bluetooth portion, there are tons of plugins to manage that part.

Actually, I’m hoping to avoid Bluetooth and just go with a wired USB style connection to the phone.

There are serial plugins as well. I’ve never used them but I know they’re out there. You’ll just have to google around.