Support for Recurring Subscriptions



I see in the newspaper this morning that Microsoft is moving in the
direction of recurring subscriptions for software that is accessible
from multiple devices.

This is the same direction that your company is starting to support
with the Volt server.

Do you have any ideas how to automate a subscription that expires
after a year and needs to be renewed?



This is on the Volt roadmap. We’re planning to provide sample code and libraries so this can be used with Stripe:

Stripe supports recurring and one time payments. It accepts most common cards in 25 countries, with more being added.

We have been using it ourselves for a couple of years. It’s been reliable and easy to work with.

We are interesting in hearing from anyone who is interested in payments - we want to make sure we get all the input we can before implementing.


+1 for being able to do a kind of “in-app purchase” via stripe, including recurring subscription management, yes please.


Thanks for the feedback!