Support nsbasic in the years that come

Hi,this afternoon,i sent a suggestion to nsbasic support.although my suggestion is rejected.i learnt that nsbasic programmers are getting old.i coded in nsbasic/palm,nsbasic/desktop,nsbasic/ce,nsbasic/symbian and now,nsbasic appstudio.i am not a well verse programmer,but i could go well with their basic product .their support is the best in the i would humbly ask for your continuous support for nsbasic software product in years to come.any comment,anyone?

We’re here as always.

Your suggestion was a BASIC to C++ converter. While in the early days, most of our users came from Visual BASIC, that’s not the case anymore. Most of our new users are happy coding in JavaScript.

BASIC support in AppStudio is not going away - it will continue to be a core component of the product.

Nice to hear that,keep happy coding user of appstudio : happy coding…

Ok,‘getting old’ is solely my misjudgement statement.sorry for that,nsbasic team.