Swipe Event on Grid Cell

I have a 3 column grid with several rows. Is there any way to implement a swipe event similar to the onclick event?

With the onclick event I can process the column and row the user clicked wth sometihng like this:

s=Split(event.target.id, “_”)

being s(1) and s(2) the row and column where the user clicked.

Do anyone have an ideia on how to do exactly the same but with a swipe left event instead of the onclick?

Thanking you in advance,

Have you looked at the “Swipe” sample?

I use ontouch… to swipe a grid away. Works fairly well. Get start coordinates at ontouchstart and grid moves in ontouchmove.

That’s what the ‘Swipe’ sample does too.

I did look at it. I’ll take a look at the swipe sample again. My concern would be on how to get the swiped row and column…