Temp files not being removed

My Drive C: on Windows 10 ran out of room a few days ago. I was able to trace the problem to this folder: C:\Users\John*\AppData\Local\Temp with excess of 41gigs. I deleted most files to gain back room but then noted it growing again. They are AS files including my extra files in subfolders under Temp, like these: tmp6dyw2isi and tmp71vmjj6g. *your login name for Win10.

Further testing showed that when AS is started 2 of these folders are created. When a Full Deploy to my server completes, 2 more are created. When AS is exited one of these is deleted, leaving the other 3 in the Temp folder.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

Thanks, John

It isn’t just AppStudio creating temp files there - it’s every app you have, plus Windows itself.

Here is a good article on the proper way to clean this up. Look for the section Disk Cleanup and Storage Sense.

You will be interested in this screen:

Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 6.20.33 AM