Textarea control and label control

I have a textarea control on a form. It gets user input when the user clicks a button (all Bootstrap 5 controls). However, if I add a label onto the form, the textarea doesn’t work (says input is undefined). Can this behavior be overcome? Thanks

Can you send me a small project which shows this?

I created a new project and added a Label and a Textarea. It seemed to work properly.

After a LOT of trial and error I found that the entered text within the Bootstrap 5 textarea is accessed using:-


textareaid.value just would not work…

(Assuming textareaid is the name you have in the control’s id field.)

I spent hours getting this… I probably should’ve sent in a support ticket…but the lines between NSB Appstudio code and Bootstrap5 code are a little blurred (and not exhaustively documented)

It may be that my situation (with mixed control types) within some forms caused this issue in the first place…I didn’t try a blank project…although I did try the Sample project and had the same problem.

Thanks, @Neil_HNF!

@cindycc - does this sound like what you are seeing? If so, it can probably be improved.

@Neil_HNF - .text and .value work as expected in the next build - you won’t need to do your workaround.

This is in 9.0.3, released a few minutes ago.

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Great! Thanks!