Textarea fontsize or color

Using a textarea from Bootstrap 4, is it possible to change fontsize or color of a part ot the text in the textarea?

I’m not sure how fancy you want to go - but have you look at the jqxWidgets Editor control?


this would be a solution - but it is a little oversized. No way to do it in a normal textarea?
In jqxeditor how can I set the value at runtime?
$("#Editor1").jqxEditor(“val”) = "xxx "
or Editor1.value = “xxx” does not work

Set it like this:

$("#Editor1").jqxEditor("val", "xxx")

There’s a wide range of different functionality between a simple Textarea and this control. What do you actually need to do?

I haven’t worked with jqxEditor yet, but I have worked with several controls like it, and I would fully expect you’d be able to:

  • Turn off most of the format bar, leaving just fontsize and color
  • Adjust the height and width of the whole control