Theme-color in android

I am changing theme-color in extrahead to my favorite color (pwa app config too), but in android appstudio still sending black to theme… look the picture
Is there any place to setup my color? i am using javascript to change it…

        var titlecolor= document.querySelector('meta[name="theme-color"]');			
        titlecolor.setAttribute('content', '#C70D0D');

The theme property is under common properties for each control. And you use a color name. I don’t see an app property for default theme for JQW.

Does your code above “fix” the problem?

I just noticed bootstrap is an option - now I remember @PPetree commenting last year about applying bootstrap themes to JQW controls. I remember something about there being fun things to learn when using both themes. Since I don’t see any bootstrap theme references in your code at all, I assume you’ve avoided all BS controls and themes.

yeah the code fix the problem, but is a code not a property…