Time to convert from Basic to Javascript


It can take a long time (up to 1 hour or more) to convert my app from Basic language to Javascript when trying to run it. The forms that take a long time have a lot of SQL code.

Will it be possible in future releases to only convert functions that have code changed rather than the entire form code?


That’s a long time - how many lines of code do you have in your main module?

It’s probably a good idea to break that big module into a number of smaller ones. AppStudio only translates modules which have been changed. If you have 10 small modules and only one has changed, only that one will be translated.

Breaking your big module into smaller ones will also make it easier to work with.

Another approach is to take BASIC code which is mature and permanently translate it to JavaScript. If you right click in the Code Window, you can translate some or all of a module. Replace your BASIC code with the translated JavaScript. Put JavaScript and End JavaScript statements around it and the translator will skip it.

My Main module is short and sweet. Only about 10 lines.

The app is broken down into smallish modules. Overall, the app is quite large though - about 50 forms and 35k lines. Most forms have about the same number of lines. I always thought that all modules in the form were changed, not just the ones that were changed.

On some of the slowest forms, i have converted them to Javascript as you said and it has made it much better to work with. I’ll continue to do this with other modules.


So about 700 lines per form?

The time to translate a module does not go up linearly as it gets bigger - it’s gets worse. Smaller modules will translate more quickly.

Roughly, some forms have 3 times as many lines.

Ok, thanks for your replies.