Timing of external header code file and .onshow event

I have this code - the paypal part is from Paypal and displays Paypal buttons that are active and linked to actions in my Paypal sandbox for testing.

On the same form, I want some labels that show some information from a previous form (global var) and some hard-coded text.

When this is run as the only form in the project, the text in the labels displays as well as the active Paypal buttons. But when there are other forms, the label text is not displayed.

Thoughts? Here is the project - the form of interest is frmPayPal. On the homepage click on the ‘pay’ button to go to this form.

BIA375GroupB5.appstudio.zip (187.6 KB)

On frmPicture, you have a control called txtGetPicture, which is from the obsolete jQuery Mobile framework. If you include one of those, it will break other stuff in your app.

Remove that and replace it with a BS5 control.

Good deal. I replaced it with an Input control, input type = files and added a button that, when clicked, retrieved the chosen file. Thanks!