Too slow to close and open code tabs

Hi George, it’s me again !!!

Since I upgraded to version 8 (I have the last one), the change code tabs has been extremely slow. It takes a long time to open the code.
When I use to close all the tabs, the footer keeps creating indexes and it takes very, very long … minutes to close all the tabs.
But if I go to the first tab on the left, and use the function to close the tabs, it goes extremely fast.
Watch video 1 and 2
All videos are real time, no cuts,.follow the link to download videos…

Hint: Move the tab you want to stay opened to the far left first.


I agree - it should not take that long.

What is the configuration of the machine are you running on?

Can you zip your project folder and send it to me? I’d like to try this here.

My machine is a i5 8th generation with 20 G Ram… its a good machine…
Use the project i sent you last 2 days… open 3 or 4 tabs, thats enough to see problem… if not, let me know here and i will send other one

ahahahahahahahah in Brazil we call that ‘quebrar um galho’ i am sure George will fix it…

Thank you :slight_smile: I successfully could test my dictionary: jemandem aus der Patsche helfen

I’m trying your project here on a Windows box. It’s an i5 with 8gigs and an SSD. I opened your project, and opened all of the forms. I then closed each of them from the right. I did not see any delays like what was in your video.

Do you have another computer you could try?

I have been using NSBasic - AppStudio for years, the closing and Focus of tabs are really slow, nothing to do with computers, etc. Hoping getting better with time and developing. Period.

Do you have an SSD or HDD? I’m trying to figure out what is in common.

Same problem, my computer: Win10/SSD/AMD A10. I think this issue started in AS 7x, but not absolutely sure. Running 8x now. The reason I think it could be my computer is the lag time seems to vary. Like today, it’s quite acceptable. Maybe a memory issue?

An associated issue is the time it takes to change from one tab to another. Wait, wait, finally cursor to edit. Note that going to a tab with the UI as default is not slow, only when going to edit code mode. My workaround has been to keep code to a minimum in each form/codefile. Right now in one project it has 10 codefiles. When one begins to get too slow for me, I create a new code file and go from there. My programs are quite a mess because of this because I don’t keep all associated functions in the form they most closely fit.


Anyone reporting this: could you say whether you have an SSD or HDD drive?

Kingston SSD 480Giga

i did test in other computer, same result

No clues? Did you need some log or anything? Its very tuff to work…

We still have been able to reproduce this here. I agree there is a problem, but it’s difficult to know how to fix it if we can’t make it happen.

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Try this… Install Appstudio, open or create a project with 5 or 6 forms and code, save it.
Upgrade to last version 8.x, try to open code pages

You’ve sent me your project before, and I was unable to reproduce the issue using it. I’ll be happy to do so again. We would like to solve this as well.

As I said, send me your project. I’ll try it again here.