Transfer files from pc to android

please give some examples for transferring files from pc to android and otherwise
thank you and greetings

The answer is “It depends.”

Can you explain more where the files come from and how they are used?

The files are on a pc and are txt format. The android device must read these files from the pc, process them, and then send other txt files to the pc. With nsbasic/ce this was done with command:
AddObject “newObjects.utilctls.SFMain”, “fs”

iOS and Android are very different than Windows CE. In the past 25 years, the internet has grown and changed a lot. What was done back then looks very naive and insecure now.

If you’re making a native, you could do this:

You can write out a file using the cordova-plugin-file PhoneGap Plugin:

That being said, data is not usually transferred to servers as files. The usual way to do this is to send the data using Ajax: