Two Apps within one Android Device

I created an App1 and installed onto the Android Device, it is working fine. I modified that App1 and renamed to another App2 and installed the App2 onto that Android Device, but the App1 is gone. I install the App1 again, but the App2 will be gone. I found I cannot install both Apps onto one device. Is it normal?

Are they web apps or PhoneGap apps?

Both are PhoneGap apps and using different sqlite db.

Line 5 is config.xml ( in Project Properties) is

id = "com.nsbasic.{id}"

This has to be unique for each app. {id} comes from your project.

Is it the PhoneGap BuildID? Both apps have different BuildID.

No. It’s line 5 of config.xml. It is what Android uses to identify the app internally. If they have the same id, it considers them the same app.

Maybe Properties/title

Both Properties/title are different.
Both config.xml files line 5 are same as follows.
id = “com.nsbasic.{id}”
Should I need to change id = “com.nsbasic.{id}” to id = “App1” and id = “App2”?

Yes, change the id string. Also, instead of nsbasic, use the name of your company.

Thanks. Working fine now.
I found the {id} is stored within the project file. It cannot change within the program.

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