TwoForms Javascript Sample - buttons not firing

I know this worked at some point in the last 18 months.

Just tried that sample here. It worked fine. Can you give me more details?

Windows 10 64 bit. AppStudio I reinstalled this version to be sure the samples were up to date and that I hadn’t inadvertently modified it. Javascript TwoForms. Start in Desktop Browser:

It starts as it should, and displays Form1 as expected. If you hover over the next button, it turns to a pointer. But clicking on the Next button does nothing. Using inspector console, I entered:

ChangeForm(Form2, 'fade','fade', 1000)

and Form2 faded into view. The Prev button also reacts with a mouse pointer, but does not execute.

I rebooted and still the same results. I know this worked many moons ago.

Yes, I see the problem on Windows. (MacOS is OK).

We’ll fix it.

Found the problem. There is a missing line of code in the sample:

TitleBar1_btnRight.onclick = function() {TitleBar1.onclick("Next")}

It’s fixed in the next build.