Unknown Error: {errors}

Good morning

I’m running my app on android 11 with Google chrome browser version: 114.0.5735.130

The app was built with NSB/AppStudio

When I run the application in Google Chrome it is giving the following message:

Unknown error: {errors}

It shows the screen but does not load the data that are in the Sqlite Bank.

Can someone help me ?

In the same scenario, however, with Google chrome version: 87.0.4280.141 it worked normally.

Have you tried building using the latest version of AppStudio ( ?

Can I download the AppStudio ( demo version and try it out?
Or do I need to buy?

You’re already on Version 8 - it should work fine for you.

Problem started after updating chrome browser to version: 114.0.5735.130

Even version: 87.0.4280.141 of Chome worked just fine.

Can someone help me ?

If so, I can send my app to test there.

Have you tried using the latest version of AppStudio?

Now the app has been compiled with version

It is giving the following in this line of the program

wscDB = SqlOpenDatabase(“elmo.db”,“1.0”,“ELMO”)

Error message:

Uncaught SecurityError:
Failed to execute ‘openDataBase’ on
‘window’: Access to The
WebDatabase API is denied in non-secure contexts

Can someone help me?

Great - we’re making progress!

Are you running as a web app or a native app?

I’m running the app on the web
Using Chrome at address

Now I put the https:// in front of it as shown below:
https://www.atacadoelmo.com.br/.../index.html and it worked fine.

Thank you for your help.