UnknownError: Web SQL is deprecated

Hi guys,

Running my little SQLite application that has been working, basically forever and am now getting the above error: “UnknownError: Web SQL is deprecated.” They (Apple or whomever) has broken this again. Are we out-of-luck running SQLite on iOS now?



SQLlite, as a web standard was dropped years ago because no one could reach an agreement on what the standard should be. Shortly after that it was deprecated across all browsers but allowed to exist for years. It has finally started to be removed.

The good news is there are some SQLite plugins that are almost one-to-one drop in replacements.

I have been using this one for 3+ years without a problem.

  <plugin name="cordova-sqlite-storage" />

Hey, that’s excellent. Where would I drop that HTML into the NSBasic project so it would be emitted with the code when I publish it? (I’m not a NSBasic expert as you might guess :wink: )



@PPetree suggestion works well if you’re making a native app. If you’re running as a web app, it will not work.

Yeah, the project was coded as a native application to run on iOS or at-least NSBasic originally delivered it to the device as one - at one time. Is there a way to coax the environment so that the application is delivered as a native app?

When AppStudio sends your project to VoltBuilder, it gets transformed into a native app.

Roger that, thanks. :slight_smile: