Unwanted messages appearing

I installed my app on a phone with a later version of Android.

One of the plugins i use lets me turn bluetooth on and off from within the app. On this phone i am trying now, i get a message that automatically pops up when i try to turn bluetooth on initially.

(bt )
Without user interaction, the phone will not turn bluetooth on.
Is there a way to stop these messages popping up?


This is a function of the plugin you are using, not PhoneGap or AppStudio. You might want to contact the developer of the plugin to see what is going on.

No. You can’t disable those messages. They’re from the OS and prevent developers from accessing services without the users permission. Native apps like FB are getting hammered in iOS 13 because they’ve been stealing user data.

Thanks for your replies.

For my application, it’s important that user interaction is not required to control the bluetooth state.

I found a solution. I enabled Developer Options, and in the Apps section, there is a setting called Disable Permission Monitoring. I turned this on, and now the user interaction is not required.

Don’t expect users to disable permission monitoring. Also, iOS doesn’t have that feature.

In our case we are lucky because we are supplying the Android phone to the end user so we can set everything up before they receive it.

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