Updating to the latest version

Do I need to uninstall the app before updating? I started with one of my laptops last night and after nursing it by saying yes to skipping files to get the progress (needs to be redefined) bar moving again, it finally finished but did not update the app. Still sitting on Now I am doing my PC and having the same issue. If I did uninstall would I have to reset the ids in config.xml again?

If you’re updating from a 32 bit version of appstudio to 64 bit, then a total uninstall resolved all my issues. Otherwise, I’d be concerned about the messages. An uninstall is generally the suggestion. Here’s another post with the procedure. Latest update asking to re-new subscription - #7 by William_Robinson

Thank you, Gary. I think I will wait to hear from George before doing anything. In the past, most updates did not apply to my app.

I’d go with @GaryGorsline suggestion: do a complete uninstall and reinstall.


FYI I did NOT lose the changes to the ids in config.xml when I did a complete uninstall. However I kept getting the message to wait until the current app was uninstalled (This was using the windows “uninstall a program” from the control panel) Restarting the computer took care of that. Then I did the registry thing and finally updated to the latest version without any further issues.