Upgrading code from Appstudio old version

hi, all my apps in old version, when updated to Version, is inserting an enter in all lines in all forms and codes, see it in image… it take a long, long time to save in new version.

That’s unusual for AppStudio to have done. Windows uses CRLF as a line ending, so it’s gotten doubled up.

Go into your project folder’s form directory. You can see your source code in files which you can open in your favorite editor, then clean up.

Keep a backup, just in case.

occurs in all my old projects , if you want i can send to you a simple project to analyse

i dont knwo if helps, but follow the notepad++ view, CR was in old project, in new version CRLF is add to every line…

Agreed that is not pretty. But you can easily fix that with the search>replace function in your notepad++. It allows you to look for control characters and replace them with other control characters. For example (CR)(CR)(LF) ==> (CR)(LF)

59 forms… OMG!

i did it in notepad++ in one form and some errors occurs in compile… lets go do it one by one in code…

I wrote a simple line break removal app. Paste the code in and it copies it back to clipboard corrected. Welcome to it if interested

i accept… but i suggest to George to include a property like Format Code to help us in appstudio…