Upload zip file to Volt


When trying to upload a zip file to Volt dashboard I get error:

Error: Invalid MIME type.

The zip file contains my app.
So I am not able to upload app to Volt.


Why do you want to upload a zip file?

AppStudio deploys to Volt using SFTP, which has compression built in.


I did follow Volt documentation here http://wiki.nsbasic.com/First_app
Also the Dashboard has buttons to upload zip file but seems that this does not work.


Is your app created using AppStudio?


No, I did follow Volt documentation: “first app”.

I know I can deploy from App Studio and seems that is the only way one can deploy to Volt.


If you’re using Volt for AppStudio apps, you should deploy to Volt from AppStudio.


I just tried this and didn’t have problems. Can you share the zip file you are trying to upload?


It is just one file

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">

Nothing else and zipped using Windows 10.


Tested using three different computers and using browsers IE, Edge, Opera, Chrome and Firefox.

It just do not work.

Glad james it works for you.

But no need to answer anymore to this thread. I give up with Volt.


If you’re having a problem, I’d very much like to get it fixed. I’m able to see your failures in the log, but there’s not quite enough debugging for me to understand what’s going wrong. If you could please share the file you are attempting to upload, that would help.


I’ve added more detail to the error message. I suspect there’s a problem with the way the MIME type for zip files is configured on your computer. If you could attempt to upload once more and provide the complete error to me, I would appreciate it. Thanks!