Uploading app to playstore

For uploading android app to playstore,can i just upload production release,or it is a must to go through open ,closed and internal test release?

I find it tedious as i already completed my final app,but dont know how many test release needed to uploaded to play console

Try appsigner,in playconsole press continue for internal testing,run voltbuilder,paste to playconsole ,all seems well,but not totally sure what i am doing,just see whats the next step…

Forget to mention,after voltsigner,i creat a certificate folder and paste the certificate there…

I also change config.xml (prj propertiey),com…{id} and updated version.however,i didnt change any property in voltbuilder section,m i missing something?do i need to set app password in voltbuilder section?

I’m sorry - after reading the thread, I’m not sure what the question is.

There is documentation in Upload to Google Play.

Google has extensive documentation of their own, of course.

I am uploading my app to appstore manually,i am now waiting for internal testing result,will try uploading next release to see whether it would fail then after result are done.at the mean time,thanks for your response…tst

Sorry for typo mistake,should be playstore.

I have read your post-uploading to playstore.before doing this playstore setup(,1).do i need to set keystore password in appstudio voltbuilder section(.2).do i still need to do voltsigner. I think the fact is i am confused with( 3.)certificates built with playstore.(4)keystore create from voltsigner(5),keystore downloaded after keying keystore password in appstudio voltbuilder section.so,which certificates and keystore is needed for appbundle needed for playstore? Best rdgs,TsTan

Hi,i figure up —(4voltsigner),android keystore:certificate/android.keystore.
(5,password)android keystore password,similar with android alias password
(3frm playconsole)google playkey.
So,all 3 is different and important.

I’m sorry - I am having difficulty following your question. Can you try to make it more clear?

Screenshot 2021-04-06 055105

Android keystore create from voltsigner

No yet get google.json

You need to create this yourself. Check the instructions: it’s in step 6.11.