Use debugger for errors in code

Are ids of controls case sensitive…like txtListpoints vs txtlistpoints

How do I get to line and column numbers in the debugger for appstudio …I used to do it but now have forgotten…like error in code says “syntax error line 10401 column 27” I thought F12 was supposed to do it

Yes, all variable names are case sensitive.

Where are you seeing the “syntax error” message? Perhaps you could include a screenshot.

What happens if you hit the F12 button? It should open the Chrome Console.

That line number is the line in the code.js file. Click on the error in the console and it will show you the line in that file. Then you identify the function where the error is and go that function in appstudio.

Thank you but what if the line number is the last one of your code and has no relevance? I assume that means “somewhere” in the code the error has occurred and you must begin to logically try to find it. This has happened to me several times.

Usually that is you’re missing an (basic) end if, next, loop or return somewhere. The quickest way to find that I find is select all your code, right click, format code. Then all the end functions should be against the left side of the window. Any function whose end function that is not inline with its named Function is the offending function.