Using 3 sliders (RGB) to match a 'target' color: Colors don't match

The purpose of this program (to be part of another program) is to present a randomly selected ‘target’ color and then the user is to match that color using three sliders, one each for red, green and blue.

The problem is that when I match the color using the RGB colors used in the target color, the swatches do not match… the corollary is that if I do what the program is designed to do (i.e., match the two color swatches by ‘eye’, the displayed ‘values’ of RGB aren’t very close to the displayed values for the target swatch.)TestColor_Slider.nsx (50.4 KB)


It’s because you’re using Buttons to display the color. The left button is disabled, which gives it a lighter color than the right button.

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation

Thank you so much!!!

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