Using AJAX in NSBasic Studio (javascript) to load and save data to files

How would I use AJAX to save data from form fields in my online / stand alone app (not mobile) and how would I also be able to load them back in?

How could I send said data to all networked nodes via IP address?



Have you worked with AJAX before?

You’ll need some sort of server for your app to talk to. Do you have anything yet?

Also, which JS framework are you using? jQuery? plain old javascript? Something else?

I do have several servers to use. I am using node.js with express, react, redux and more. Most are current versions. I have not used much AJAX before, but i’m pretty sure I can pick it up when headed in the correct direction. Control-wise, I am using NSBasic with common controls, bootstrap 4 controls and possibly a few jquery controls.


Have you seen this Tech Note?

Yes. I read it. Turns out I need to create everything as a windows .exe or computer native executable and not any mobile or browser-based apps.


Based on what you’ve said, I’m not sure that’s the case. Is there more to what you are doing?

I’m not referring to the capabilities of NSBasic, but more to the problems associated with javascript cryptology apps in browsers.