Using cordova firebase plugin in NSB project


I am trying to use the cordova plugin ‘cordova-plugin-fcm’ in my NSB project, I added the library in the config.xml following the below:

after compiling with voltbuilder, the below error was raised

Source path does not exist: resources/android/google-services.json
Is your resource folder inside your www folder?

where should i add the folder ‘resources’ in my appstudio project.

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Drag the google-services.json file into AppStudio’s Project Explorer.

The file will then be sent to VoltBuilder in

Put that path into the resource-file statement.

I executed the above and I got the below error:

Failed to restore plugin “cordova-plugin-fcm”.
You might need to try adding it again.
Error: Error: cordova-plugin-fcm: You have installed platform android but file ‘google-services.json’ was not found in your Cordova project root folder.

Problem Solved when using : cordova-plugin-firebasex

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