Using Dropbox API v2 in Cordova Phonegap In NSB

I have an app that uses Dropbox in a native android apk that I wrote in 2016. It now needs some updates and Dropbox is no longer working in my app. I see that the library that NSB uses has been depricated and a new Dropbox Api V2 needs to be used. Has anyone got it working yet? The documentation is hard to find and a lot to wade thru so if anyone has done this I would love to know how?

Currently running NSB AppStudio and the library that it tries to load isn’t there anymore:

It would be great if there is a new library that provides the same interface and functionality.


Sad news on this. DropBox announced on April 23, 2015 that this API is deprecated and would be be phased out by April, 2016.

I don’t that API V2 supports datastores either.