Using external image on Volt

I have an app that using a Bootstrap4 image control. The image I want to use is on an external server, so I am using a complete url for it (https://…). I put the url in the src property of the control.

When I look open the app in a browser on my laptop, image shows. But when I deploy the app to Volt, it can’t access the image - shows a broken image and says:


Check the content security policy - specifically the img src setting.

It may not be content security policy. Do you really have a file named included as part of your project?

The ‘’ looks like part of a URL to a different site.

Oh! Good catch George!

In the appStudio image control property ‘src’ I typed in:

Then when I deployed the app using Volt, I assume Volt added that extra bit, which is the URL Volt assigned to the app:

Check the help for the src field:
Location of image. Do not add files to /nsb. Cannot be a URL.

You’re better off including the image in the project itself, or loading it at runtime.

Ah ok. Sorry about that -