Using fontawesome local


Hi Guys

I just bought all library

When unzipped its made a 15MB folder

I attached in manifest files (actual extra files) as /fontawesome and pointed the extrahead to local folder fontawesome using

Everything works fine, but to compile the index.html takes more than 2 minutes… without the fontawesome folder, takes 30 seconds…

I tried in version 6 and 7 of appstudio

Any tip to take it more speed?

Before ask me, i need to send the fontawesome files, cause my app works off web too

Vagner Bertoni


The entire font awesome library is indeed very large and has many icons we didn’t need so we just copied the icons we needed to a separate file and included that.


Thanks for the tip on this library. I can put that to immediate use.


If you’re using Bootstrap 4, AppStudio includes the Open Iconic set.

They’re all SVG, so they are small and load fast.


Extremely helpful. Thank you.