Using FTP from inside NSBASIC app

Hi. Since I cannot get working Help to pass POST data which I can read from Webinvoke, I’m driving to a new road: I’m thinkin’ of transferring file thru FTP, then pass file name in parameter, and this should work. No more a matter of passing huge data, but just a file, and then passing file’s name thru parameters using my consolidated skill. Problem is: how can I have a working file trasnfer via FTP?

The reason your other question did not get an answer is that it really isn’t an AppStudio issue. Here’s what is covered by Free Support:

The issues you seem to be having seem to be at your server, not with AppStudio itself.

Generally, AJAX is the way to go for this kind of thing. ftp is kind of obsolete.

Hello George, I do know it’s not an issue of your app, and effectively I’m able to send POST request. However, since I’m not able to read POST Data in WebInvoke (not in the interface nor in the implementing function), I’m looking for another way to do the trick, and ftp (an old way, I agree) seems a way to get the cake, so I STILL NEED TO KNOW how I can have to use ftp. The project I’m running is a pro bono one, so I can’t pay for a solution.

There seem to be some PhoneGap plugins which use ftp:

We have not tried them - the recommendation is still to use Ajax.