Using Plotly graph in a container


I am trying to put a plotly graph into a container (so I can put other things on the form below it). I added a Container control named myDiv to the form and use it for the graph. But appStudio doesn’t put the graph into the div. Here is the Javascript. Thoughts?

// default height and width: 350x700px
    var graphDiv = 'myDiv'
    var x = []
    for (var i = 0; i < 500; i ++) {
	x[i] = Math.random()
    var trace = {
        x: x,
        type: 'histogram',
    var data = [trace]
    var layout = {
        autosize: false,
        width: 250,
        height: 400,
        margin: {
            l: 50,
            r: 50,
            b: 100,
            t: 100,
            pad: 4
        title: 'Your Title Here',
        xaxis: {
            title: 'Z Axis',
            showgrid: false,
            zeroline: false
        yaxis: {
            title: 'Y Axis',
            showline: false
   Plotly.newPlot(graphDiv, data, layout, {scrollZoom: true},{responsive: true})

Here is the project : (2.6 MB)


Looks good to me as is. I made one change: the height of myDiv is now auto, so it expands to hold the graph:



Excellent thanks!