V8... hangs and crashes when using Open Project

When I got a version 7 project updated and wish to load the next version 7 project in order to get this updated as well to version 8 by using the Open Project menu item, the file open window would hang and AppStudio 8 crashes. When I restart AS8 and use Open Older Project (Oeffne älteres Projekt) this will work in most cases. Indeed 7 is older. Even if it is by design that version 7 projects solely can be opened with “Open Older Project” there should not be a crash. Possibly one does not know already if the next project to be worked with could be a new one or a version <8 project.
Even when I could open the older project, crashes can still happen later when I try to open / load / choose a PhoneGap icon or splash screen file.
Hopefully this is a cue to find the cause of the file picker crashes.

@bsommer, we have not had luck reproducing any of your issues. Any suggestions?

Thank you. Sorry. No, if it is not related to cross-thread problems.
Did you see the other threads where a few days ago I posted Windows event messages etc.?
Windows tells me always that there are cross-thread events that cause the hanging. There is a lot of literature how to avoid cross-thread. The culprit seems to be where Open Project or open file is invoked.
If I am the only one seeing this: Somebody in a forum wrote that only 2 of 500 customers had this very problem with hanging and cross-thread cause.
You will find my related post by searching the words: cross thread
I do paste this part of my recent posts again:

Das Programm AppStudio.exe Version hat die Interaktion mit Windows beendet und wurde geschlossen. Überprüfen Sie den Problemverlauf in der Systemsteuerung “Sicherheit und Wartung”, um nach weiteren Informationen zum Problem zu suchen.
Prozess-ID: 2924
Startzeit: 01d5c96149e4e2fb
Beendigungszeit: 46
Anwendungspfad: C:\Program Files\NSB AppStudio\AppStudio.exe
Bericht-ID: 103600b4-e306-44e4-9bd8-74a7d65188a2
Vollständiger Name des fehlerhaften Pakets:
Relative Anwendungs-ID des fehlerhaften Pakets:
Absturztyp: Cross-thread

About the time of version 8 release I bought a new Microsoft wireless mouse to replace an USB Logitech trackball. My initial thought was to keep the Logitech software, in case my hand wrist would prefer the trackball. Then I suspected that the hangs could be related to the always preceding mouse clicks. So I uninstalled the Logitech mouse/trackball software. No more hangs and crashs since. In fact been a cross-thread issue?

This is great news - thanks for posting the outcome!